President's Message

Before moving into the foothills east of Auburn, I had the pleasure of serving as Practitioner Advisor for University of the Pacific (UOP).  It was one of the most rewarding commitments I’ve taken on as a professional.  I highly encourage our membership to get involved with the schools in our Section – you won’t be disappointed you did.  Relatedly, I’m excited to report that Brad Quon, PE, GE of CTS has taken on the role of practitioner advisor for UOP.  I’m certain he will add value and perspective to the UOP student experience.  

On the subject of UOP, it is my pleasure to highlight UOP in this month’s Engineerogram.  In trend with previous showcase letters, I asked UOP student members and officers four questions about their Tiger ASCE Student Chapter.  Here are their responses.

  1.      What recent events has the student chapter been involved with?  
  • The Pacific ASCE chapter has been heavily involved in preparing for the Mid-Pacific Conference (MidPac), coordinating ASCE speaker events at our university, organizing ASCE field trips, attending the ASCE WSCL conference, and connecting to the local Central Valley Branch and Sacramento Younger Members Forum.  I attended the ASCE Dream Big showing last year, organized by the Sacramento YMF. 
  • ASCE has been involved with MidPac, and extra-curricular education through professional speakers and discussions (about Co-op, and senior project)
  • This semester has mostly been focused on Mid-Pac and fundraising for Mid-Pac. I've been focused on water treatment since I'm the construction captain and had the opportunity to meet lots of ASCE minded people as well as learn more about ASCE at the WSCL conference.

  • We have been involved in having companies, such as KSN, and San Joaquin County come and talk to us about their projects, their companies, the FE exam, the PE exam, and also how to job search.
  1.      What have you learned from being a member or leader of your chapter?
  • I have developed many professional and leadership skills in organizing the MidPac, being a treasurer and vice president for the UOP ASCE student chapter, and organizing field trips.
  • I have been learning about: keeping groups up to date, keeping myself updated on group events, when to step up and help, when to sit back and listen.

  • As an ASCE officer, I have learned valuable skills as a leader, team member, and individual that have shaped me to succeed and surpass any challenges. I also got the opportunity to meet new people and build new experiences.
  • Planning ASCE events requires lots of time and energy when working with people that have different schedules, interests, and focuses other than school.
  1.      What upcoming events do you have planned?
  • We have MidPac and another professional speaker meeting coming up.

  • I know that we have a chapter fundraiser coming up as well as CVB [Central Valley Branch] scholarships, and MidPac.
  • Planning on volunteering at Mid-Pac and competing. 

  • KSN presentation on expectations in a professional work environment, Mini Games Practice, and MidPac Conference.

  • Sleep.
  1.      What is your vision moving forward?
  • The UOP ASCE vision is to expose more students to various opportunities in civil engineering and to develop engineering skills through collaboration and teamwork.

  • I really see the importance of our chapter as a club that exists not for itself but to serve and prepare up-and-coming engineers.

  • Now that the academic year comes to an end I plan to use what I have learned as a leader to improve and advise the student chapter for future years.

  • Keeping students interested in ASCE and all of the benefits that come with being a member, including socializing with like-minded individuals.

  • To grow as a chapter in leadership, community, and engineers

In addition to the above, I understand the UOP student chapter recently donated $500 and supplies to Lamar University in Houston to support hurricane relief and held an outreach for 5th through 8th graders to learn about engineering.  These activities exemplify UOP leadership and support for their community and beyond; which is a large part of the ASCE mission.  I guess it’s no surprise that UOP was recently acknowledged by top-level ASCE leadership as being in the upper 1/3 of all student chapters on the planet.  Well done UOP!  

I hope to see you all at the project awards on April 12th.  See the ASCE Sacramento Section website for details. As always, your Sacramento Section Board appreciates all that you do to advance our profession.     

Kind Regards,

Adam J. Killinger, PE, GE
ASCE Sacramento Section President